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Bookending Autumn '19 – FALL in love

Good morning bookworms!
Welcome, welcome, welcome, to BOOK ENDING AUTUMN!! This is my final hosting post, and can I just give a great big gushing THANK YOU to everyone who has liked, commented on, or JFC actually done one of my prompts?! You have all made my little black heart a bit fuller.
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This post is part of Bookending Autumn 2019, which is organized by Sam & Clo!! The prompt for today, “FALL in love” is hosted by Me! (This will never stop sounding weird…) If you want to do this prompt, please don’t forget to link back to this post!
Prompt Explanation: Autumn is for walks in the brisk air, drinking lattes, wearing matching scarves and hats, jumping in piles of leaves… wait! Is this sounding a little tropey to you? Let’s talk about some of our fave (and not so fave) love tropes.

Enemies to lovers

Honestly, I just can’t get enough of this one. Their passion and lust for each other is so wild they thought it was hate… or maybe it was hate to begin with, and then slowly grew into admiration (but loathful) and then one day when they were standing too close or they pulled a piece of lint from your shoulder, a switch flipped and suddenly they were the dream partner. Who knows how this happens (magic, hypnotherapy, poison) but it does. And it’s corny and I love it.
Fave recs: Captive Prince, The Hating Game, Red, White and Royal Blue, The Cruel Prince

Fake dating

Ahhh, fake dating is the best (well, after enemies to lovers…). I mean, who knew that if you held someone’s hand for long enough or kissed them many times, you might actually develop REAL feelings for them? *gasp* Not these characters! Nope. They couldn’t see it a mile away.
Fave recs: The Kiss Quotient, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Slow-burn, nerdy, self-conscious lovers

“I mean… I’m such a nerd / dork / geek / introverted-monster-who-lives-in-a-cave! Why would they ever love me?!” Ahhh… young love!! If it’s not plagued with self-doubt and crushing anxiety then who would believe it anyway? And if it takes 6 times longer to actually happen due to conflicting emotions (ewww, emotions!!) then EVEN BETTER!! (Yes, apparently I AM an introverted monster who lives in a cave because I do enjoy watching these nerds suffer…)
Fave recs: Emergency Contact, The Upside of Unrequited, The Summer of Jordi Perez, Going Off Script, Fangirl
If someone could please write me a book with a nerdy, anxiety-ridden protagonist who starts off as brutal enemies with the cool kid, and then they end up fake dating, which inevitably leads to them falling madly in love forever, I would possibly leave the Husband for you. Or at least bake you lots of cookies, cupcakes, etc.


Look, I’m sorry. I just don’t get it. Insta-lust, for sure, understand 100%. Lust that can turn into love, ok I get that too – with time. But Romeo and Juliet style “I’ve known him for 12 hours and would arrange to fake kill myself because I can’t bear the thought of being without him (even though we are 14…)” nope. I don’t stan that at all.

Love triangles

Unless this is less of a triangle and more of a polyamorous relationship that everyone consents to, then I don’t care. It was actually one of a few things that pissed me off about Darkdawn. I don’t really recall ever seeing it done well, and it always ends one of two ways: a) X and Y end up together and the relationship with Z sours and ends badly, or b) X and Y end up together and Z meets and (instantly) falls in love with K, realising that they were never really in love with Y to begin with – it was just their long term friendship getting their feelings mixed up… Please excuse me while I’m vomiting over here.


I don’t abide by it, and I won’t tolerate it. If you want to be with someone other than your current partner then end the relationship or have a grown up discussion with them first. If you’re doing it out of retribution or retaliation, then why are you still with them in the first place. I’m not religious, but I live by the motto “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and I would not want that to happen to me. Also, it’s a cheap plot device and is usually linked to either a love triangle or insta-love.

On a slightly less salty note, I just want to say one more thank you for all your support these last few days! And if you think this is the last of my BE Autumn posts, then… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… you may get a surprise in the next two weeks!!

What are some of your liked and disliked tropes?


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