Baking fails!

So I spend some weekends baking up a storm, and then forget to take photos to add to the blog.  So when I go to publish recipes that I have either created or amended from their original (it’s not often I will not play with a recipe when I bake) I have no photo.  So, because of this I have a bunch of draft posts, with no photos…

I also have some massive baking (and decorating) fails, and I usually remember to take photos of them.  Anyway, it’s hard to take yourself seriously when this stuff happens!

So, here are some of my more spectacular fails in recent times…

Chocolate caramel tart fail – didn’t set
Macaron fail – didn’t get the air out
Mug cake fail – overflowed (and destroyed the microwave)
Mini cheesecake fail – gelatin set too quickly
TARDIS – just a poor icing job (can you even read POLICE BOX?)
Cupcakes were too hot – melted frosting
This looked like a weird sheep pillow cake
Cake still warm and icing slid sideways in the car on the way to the party
Poor representation of the Gold Lego Ninjago
Don’t be fooled by the sprinkles, that’s a poor marzipan laying

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