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Good morning bookworms!
Yes folks, it’s time for me to sign up to MOAR read-a-thons that I may not be able to handle! Are you ready? (Good. At least someone is…)
So, The Perks of Being Noura have compiled this amazing challenge, and I am signing up. Why, you ask? It’s mostly because I’m a huge Marvel nerd. But also because I don’t think that 12 challenges in one year is enough. No sirree, Bob. The Avengers Read-a-thon starts on 14 April and runs through to 14 May – that’s 31 days of pure unadulterated reading bliss. (If only I didn’t have to work in the interim…) The read-a-thon is to celebrate Avengers Endgame coming out in cinemas on 26 April (except in Australia where it comes out on April 24 – the day that I have tickets to see it).
As you may recall, I am also undertaking the Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLs) Read-a-thon, so I’m pretty fortunate there is a crossover. I’ve been working hard today (not really) to try and smush my goal together. And I think I’ve done it.

Iron Man

Now, Iron Man is one of my fave ever characters. Sure, he can be a bit of a jerk, and her definitely goes about things the wrong way. But he has this knack of falling on his feet no matter what. Also, I really like Robert Downey Jr’s redemption arc life-story.
Tony Stark shrugging



Book to Read

Iron Man Tony’s Suit: book with red on the cover Ace of Shades – Amanda Foody *
Stark Industries: sci-fi book These Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner *
The Famous Tony Stark: award winning Coraline – Neil Gaiman *
Iron Man 3: mental health Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Line – Gail Honeyman
War Machine: book with robots or artificial intelligence Renegades – Marissa Meyer *
Captain America The First Avenger: first book in a series Letters to the Lost – Brigid Kemmerer *
Black Panther The Black Panther: book with royalty War Storm – Victoria Aveyard
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel: new release Superman: Dawnbreaker – Matt de la Peña
Loki God of Mischief: retelling StepSister – Jennifer Donnelly

The books with an asterisk (*) are also books that I have chosen for my OWLs so there is some crossover, which is good because then I can complete them together, plus there are additional books I will read at the start of May.
Also, if I have any of the prompts wrong, please let me know!! Are there robots or AI in Renegades? I wouldn’t know because I’m totally going off the cover.
Until next time, happy reading ??


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