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American Royals – Katharine McGee

Release date: 5 September 2019
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Rating4.5 stars

American Royals (American Royals, #1) blurb:

The Washingtons have ruled America for almost 250 years.

They’re gorgeous, fiercely famous and the beating heart of the most glorious court in the world.
But behind the glittering ballrooms, elegant gowns and perfect public personas lie forbidden romances and scandalous secrets that could cost them the throne.

THE HEIR is Princess Beatrice who knows duty to the crown comes before all else. Right?

THE SPARE is Princess Samantha, whose only duty is to party hard.

THE SCHEMER is Daphne Deighton, who’ll do anything to get back into royal favour.

THE NOBODY is Nina Gonzalez, who’s unwittingly about to steal the spotlight.

Welcome to the world of the American Royals.

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This was one of the MANY books that I read during October, and I’ve been meaning to write a review of it for over a week!! (Well, one down, 23 to go!!)

The Good

Firstly, none of the characters in this are perfect, they are all flawed in their own way. Which makes not just amazingly written characters, but also fantastic motivations, opinions and interactions between them. It gives them all their own personal drivers and wants, beliefs and interactions with each other.

I especially love Sam. She has so much hidden depth and would make an excellent ruler. She’s proud and feisty and wears her heart on her sleeve. Actually, that would probably make her a ‘terrible’ ruler in an age where she could have been the first ever Queen, but I think she has the strength of character to pull it off.

I also love the storyline. It’s got elements of so many tropes that I love: friends to lovers, family dynamics, forbidden love, amazing friendships, slow-burn romance, strong female characters. I honestly couldn’t put this book down because there were so many elements at play, all at once. It might seem like it has too much going on at times, but I mean, I’m just here for all of the awesomeness!!

The world building in this is in-depth. It’s so far from the actual reality that it’s more a fantasy novel than a contemporary, and I think that’s how you should go into reading it. I mean, there’s still the United States, and there was still the Civil War, but McGee has taken this whole ‘royalty’ thing so far that there’s even duchies within the states, and other ‘first families’ and you really should suspend your current understanding of the world when you read it. But it’s got this ‘based on reality’ feel to it, and also like a celebrity fishbowl thing as well. It’s quite complex.

The Bad

I hated Daphne. I mean, I know you’re supposed to because that’s her entire purpose, but I just wanted to shake her (and Jefferson at times) and scream about what a bitch she is. I can’t really say anything else, because spoilers… but yeah. What a cow.

The sequel is about 12 months away and I am not prepared to wait. Dear publishers, if you see this, please end my misery and send me an ARC of a sequel? Please?! But also, Ms McGee, if you could write 73 more of these I would be most happy.

The Recommendation

Look, I know this book has some hate out there. And yes, there is a LOT of drama in it. But, I really liked it.

One thing you should remember when you’re reading it is to not only suspend your knowledge and understanding of the American government system, but ALL government systems world-wide.

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I mean honestly, I kind of wanted to shake Nina as well… While she’s not as much to blame as Daphne she really could have been more forceful with what she wanted.
And finally… WHY DOESN’T BEATRICE JUST HAND THE CROWN TO SAM?! Then she can run off with Connor and Sam can do what she was born to do, and rule!! With Teddy!! I honestly think if their father hadn’t died when he did, then Beatrice may have come to this conclusion herself, but that won’t happen now at all.
Ahhh, but seriously. I need a sequel STAT!!


Until next time, happy reading. Love Meegs x


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