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2024 reading firsts book tag

Hello friends!! I should have posted this two months ago, but alas, here we are in April insted. Today’s post is a book tag that I’ve been seeing around the traps called the 2024 reading firsts book tag.

The name of the game is to go through some prompts and list the first read or book of 2024 that fits.

Sounds simple? Yeah, I thought so too…

I found this on a number of blogs, including:

But, I believe it was created at girlxoxo who can now be found over at Chapter Adventure. And can I just say OMG I am now obsessed with all of the reading challenges there!! Please go check out the motif and key word challenges for 2024, as well as the monthly ones… and now I need to figure out if I can reverse engineer my challenges for the last 3.5 months to see if I can fit these in.

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2024 reading firsts book tag

first book I read this year

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Ahh yes, The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I feel like I read this a million years ago now.

I was definitely in the middle of this series as the new year ticked over. My ultimate plan was, of course, to finish the series (original trilogy series part anyway) before New Years, but we were travelling and seeing family so I didn’t get to finish this one for almost a week!!

The plot twists were all amazing, and to be completely honest I just loved the entire trilogy.

I do plan on reading the companion series novels (spin-off series??), but I haven’t had a chance yet… And I still need to buy them!!

Goodreads link

first review I posted this year

I… have not been writing book reviews in… (checks blog) a hot minute. Also known as two years. How do I still have a book blog you ask? Honestly, I have no idea. What are you all still doing coming over here to my little internet dumpster fire??

In all seriousness though, I’m going to chuck out my very first WWW Wednesday post of this year, because I have started adding ONE SENTENCE reviews to my read books column. It’s very cathartic. And also reminds my of my very brief thoughts on books. VERY brief. But they’re usually a good memory jogger which is nice. And also helpful.

I do need to start thinking about doing more reviews again though. And posting on Instagram. And TikTok. Oh, and maybe just like being more involved in the book community again in general. I definitely fell off a perch back in 2021/2022 and it’s taking me a while to get back on that cart/horse/tree again. Me and my mixed analogies are leaving now.

first book I added to my shelf this year

OK, so as DB found out recently, I don’t really add books to a virtual TBR shelf on Goodreads (or anywhere). So To Kill A Shadow is the first book that I literally added to my physical bookshelf this year. I think it was the December YA OwlCrate book, and it arrived in the mail on 5 January 2024.

(UN)Surprisingly, I have not read this book yet… but I vaguely remember liking the premise. I must have because I definitely skipped other books that month. Which means I must have read the blurb for this one by default and thought it looked good. Damn it, now I have to go read the premise again. (Side note, I have literally no memory of reading this blurb what so ever. Maybe I got it because the MC’s name is Jude?? Horror-fantasy (horantasy?) is not usually my go-to…)

Goodreads link

To Kill a Shadow by Katherine Quinn

first book by a debut author this year

Magnolia Parks by Jessa Hastings

Maybe this will be my first proper review for 2024…

I did not enjoy Magnolia Parks. Sorry world, but TikTok seems to like the most red-flaggiest, excruciating-to-read, overly-dramatic-in-a-toxic-way, filled-with-horrible-characters-who-have-no-redeeming-traits, books in existence. I said what I said and I will die on this hill. Probably alone.

So, I read this because TikTok told two of my friends (totally unrelated friend groups who don’t know each other) to read it, and they told me to read it. (I haven’t been on TikTok in months.) And they both sold it to me by saying things like “It’s a modern-day Chuck and Blair romance!” And that’s kind of true. But like, from when Chuck and Blair were both toxic, hateful creatures, only obsessed with themselves. And maybe this series gets better, but I felt like ripping my eyes out just to finish it. I hated everyone. (EXCEPT Tom, who I would die for.)

The one thing I did enjoy while reading this is the instagram account that puts together every outfit Magnolia mentions. I became obsessed with it. Not because I like fashion, but because it has literally every outfit everyone wears and I needed something to refer to in order to understand what was happening.

Goodreads link

first book by a new to me author this year

Oh, Reluctantly Yours was SO adorable. In fact, I am planning to read the rest of the series… so another 3 books by the end of this year. I think Erin Hawkins may even make my top 5 new to me authors in December. (Wild to even be speculating at this point, I know.)

This book had everything I love in a sweet, tropey romance. Fake dating, enemies to lovers, grumpy x sunshine, a MC with a job in publishing (ooh… new top 5 topic??). Plus, it looks like the rest of the series continues through friends / siblings, etc. AND there’s an accidental pregnancy book later on. (I am aware that I love terrible tropes, ok? Just let me be!!)

Goodreads link

Reluctantly Yours by Erin Hawkins

first five star read this year

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

OK, so like, not to harp on again, but I read some really great books in January. In fact, my first 5 books for 2024 were ALL 5 star reads. It was weird but amazing. (And I thought I was going to make my average rating for the year super high, but then February came along… 😅)

In absolutely no surprise to anyone who has read The Inheritance Games, I adored The Hawthorne Legacy (and also The Final Gambit).

If I gave more than 5 stars to anything, I would probably hand them out to both of these books. This whole series.

Goodreads link

first book that slayed me this year

OK, so I really could have put any of the first 5 books I read in 2024 on this list… Well, actually maybe not. I think it was always going to be either The Wake-Up Call by Beth O’Leary or The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston. I just happened to read The Wake-Up Call first.

O’Leary and Poston are currently battling for my favourite romance author, and I am 100% here for the competition. I do love Poston slightly more, but it’s because I’m also in love with her contemporary YA and fantasy books. She has range. (Although O’Leary’s books all feel unique and different so she also has range…)

Anyway, I bawled my eyes out during The Wake-Up Call. O’Leary has this thing where every character feels whole and real and I just want to adopt literally everyone. Sometimes even the antagonist, because they aren’t really bad, they’re just complicated. No one is used just as a plot device and I find it really refreshing. Regardless, I was slayed by this story and I loved it.

Goodreads link

The Wake-Up Call by Beth O'Leary
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So, there you have it my first book tag for 2024!!

Tell me, have you done this tag, and if not, what are your answers?!

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


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