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2024 reading challenges I’m… doing?

Hello friends!! Welcome to me attempting to figure out what 2024 reading challenges I’m going to be… doing. I say “figuring out” because sometimes (ok, most of the time), I write my blog posts as a stream of consciousness and then I rarely go back and edit them. And now you know my creative process. Surprise!

And I thought it would be a fun idea to start writing this post before I actually figure out what the hell I’m doing. Because the best laid plans are no plans at all. Wait, that’s not right…

plans? what plans?

Umm, so… I guess we’ll just fly by the seat of our pants and make it up as we go. (You know, this could also be why I never actually stick to anything…) (Wow, that was actually a little bit self-aware and somewhat deep.) (Enough introspection. Let’s just find some books.)

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2024 reading challenges I’m… doing?

I did write SOME things down in posts earlier this year. (It’s not ALL spur of the moment.) (I absolutely made the other stuff up when I wrote that post.)

In my T5T bookish resolutions post I said I’m doing the Goodreads challenge (100 books as per usual). I signed up for Beat the Backlist (also as per usual more info below). And Kal’s Backlist Challenge which I vaguely talked about in my January TBR post.

I get the Always Fully Booked Planner each year, and it comes packed full of challenges too (below).

And I like to participate in the 12 in 12 challenge, where 12 of my friends recommend 12 books for me to read. If I’m having a good year, they pick them from my TBR spreadsheet. If not, they give me random recommendations. 2024’s list is below.

This year I jumped on the bandwagon for 24 in 24. Because I am mean and horrible to myself, none of the books on my 12 or 24 lists are repeated. The 24 list is below too.

Then of course, there are the T5T posts of books that I will definitely* read, series I’ll start and series I’ll finish. Plus we do anticipated reads each quarter. And I’ve started making TBRs again. WILD.

If you read between the lines, it sounds like I have the whole year’s books planned out. However, because I am a mood reader, I will probably only read a small percentage of anything I plan months in advance. Part of that is because sometimes I hype a book up as something I REALLY want to read, then by the time I get to it it’s overhyped (in my head) and I don’t feel like it any more. Or maybe I started it and had a bad day and every time I go back to it, I’m reminded of that time. This is why I have 17 books on my ‘currently reading’ list 😅

Below are my 12 in 12 and my 24 in 24 lists. You can also check out my 2024 TBR spreadsheet if you’d like. And feel free to scream at me to read a book on the list if it’s your favourite!!

Always Fully Booked planner challenges

As I mentioned above, the planner I get has a bunch of built in challenges each year. Which is great because it means I don’t need to think about them and can just fill it in as I go. Very handy! The 2024 planner’s challenges are:

  • A to Z reading challenge (a book title for each letter of the alphabet)
  • Fully Booked reading challenge (various prompts, such as ‘a book involving sport’)
  • “On the Cover” reading challenge (a list of things to find on book covers — not unlike my T5T scavenger hunts)
  • “Reading Rainbow” reading challenge (book covers in different colours)
  • Genre reading challenge (10 genres to read)
  • “Read Through the Ages” reading challenge (10 different time periods to read from — I never complete this)
  • “Around the World” reading challenge (either authors living in or books set in each continent — I usually don’t complete this either… Arctic/Antarctica is really hard)

12 in 12 challenge for 2024

Now, the cool thing about the 12 in 12 challenge is that you may recognise some of the people who have submitted recommendations to me. They might be you!! But in order to keep identities safe for those who aren’t all over social media, I’ve just done first names in this version.

If you can’t read book titles / don’t recognise covers, ask me which ones you’re curious about, because these don’t link anywhere.

2024 12 in 12 list

24 in 24 challenge

Because this list is all my own making, I went for options that I thought I would still want to read in several months’ time. There’s some books you will have seen from TBRs and T5T posts already this year. But I did take out books I read in January that were originally on the list because it felt like cheating by the time I’m actually posting this.

This means that there are books on this list that aren’t out yet and won’t be out until later this year. IF any of the books for later this year get delayed (I’m looking at YOU, Silverborn… already been delayed twice… *shakes fist*) then I’m taking it as a FREE PASS. Yup, I’m not even going to swap it out. It’ll be like a free square on a bingo card.

Also, normally I try and keep all my images similar looking, but I’m still trying to figure out how to use Canva (sorry, I’ve been using iStudio for like 10 years and everything else is foreign), so this looks different, and I’m only slightly sorry. I do like how it turned out though.

Again, if you can’t read book titles / don’t recognise covers, ask me which ones you’re curious about, because these don’t link anywhere.

24 in 24 list

Beat the Backlist 2024

OK, this post is like stupid long now, so this is the LARGE bingo card for Beat the Backlist in 2024. I may use books from above to complete prompts. But, I will figure that out later. Likely after I’ve read the books to see where best to use books to fill prompts.

2024 Beat the Backlist Challenge 52 Prompt Bingo
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What challenges are you doing in 2024?

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


    • meeghan

      Thank you!! Last year I read a lot of books on Kindle Unlimited and web series. I just found that if I didn’t have a goal (although not too restrictive), my reading just sort of drifted. I read 102 books, but only 55 of them were from my TBR, and of those, only 2 were physical books I owned before 2023. So I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself I already have a lot of books to read!!

  • dbsguidetothegalaxy

    I’m itching for you to read and love Little Thieves because it’s like one of my favourite books ever. I also got my one irl friend to read it – absolutely loved it – so that made me grin and screech. So now it’s up to you. No pressure or anything, yanno (actually a ton of pressure 😂).

    Also not me looking at my name on 12 books challenge and being like ‘Wait me??” completely forgot ahaha.

    Also doing Beat the Backlist! Keep trying to make my current backlist reads adhere to the prompts but doesn’t look like they want to lol.

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