WWW Wednesday – 1 January 2020

Good evening bookworms!

By now I think most places across the world will have celebrated New Years (maybe not Hawaii). I hope you all had a great start to the year!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words, where you answer the three following questions:

  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I must say, I scrambled a little bit to try and finish 120 books this year. I was out and about a little bit yesterday so I thought I didn’t quite have time to finish the last book, then I realised that I’d already hit 120, and that book was 121… so I stopped worrying!!

📖 physical book | 📱 ebook | 🎧 audiobook | 💥 comic / graphic novel
⏰ ARC / Review copy | 👯‍♀️ buddy read | ✳️ reread
🍚 YARC | ❤️ Summer romance

  • The Girl Who Steals Christmas – C. G. Drews 📱
  • A Heart So Fierce and Broken – Brigid Kemmerer 📖 ⏰ 👯‍♀️
  • Pumpkinheads – Rainbow Rowell 📖 💥

Ok, so I had a plan to finish my buddy read with DB, but I didn’t quite make it. I am halfway through the book, and about 2 chapters behind, but we will get there this week (maybe even today!)

📖 physical book | 📱 ebook | 🎧 audiobook | 💥 comic / graphic novel
⏰ ARC / Review copy | 👯‍♀️ buddy read | ✳️ reread
📚 Beat the Backlist | 🍚 YARC | ❤️ Summer romance

  • Red Glove – Holly Black 📖 👯‍♀️ 📚

I have some more ARCs to read, plus my Backlist pick of the month from you guys. We’ll start there, but I have some other books I want to read this month as well!


📖 physical book | 📱 ebook | 🎧 audiobook | 💥 comic / graphic novel
⏰ ARC / Review copy | 👯‍♀️ buddy read | ✳️ reread
📚 Beat the Backlist | 🍚 YARC | ❤️ Summer romance

  • The Night Country – Melissa Albert 📖 ⏰
  • Havenfall – Sara Holland 📖 ⏰
  • A Darker Shade of Magic – V. E. Schwab 📖 📚
What are you currently reading??

9 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – 1 January 2020

Add yours

  1. Enjoy your reading!
    I did my best to finish the sky weaver yesterday, so that I could start 2020 with a new book 😊 I think I will pick up children of virtue and vengeance next!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rukky!! This will be my third (or fourth?) attempt to read it. I’ve never gotten past Kell’s coat and the game with the elements… maybe a letter being read? But I did finish my first Schwab last year (Vicious) so I’ve got my fingers crossed it sticks this time!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. omg you have an ARC of The Night Country??? I’m jealous – and stuck at #3 on the library holds list 😥 but I’m happy for you and hope you enjoy it, haha

    I’m currently reading Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing (hoping for some new year inspiration for my own writing); it’s a collection of essays which isn’t my favorite format, but he has some really interesting anecdotes and advice!

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