Off Tangent Thoughts… while at a bookstore

Good morning bookworms!

Today we are doing another Off Tangent Thoughts (OTT) which was created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. This fortnight’s topic is thoughts I have while I’m at a bookstore.

I mean… honestly? My thoughts are basically just me screaming internally while I’m at a bookstore, but I’ll try and put some actual words to the process!!

Clip from Gilmore Girls where Rory says she's going to the bookstore.
(I’ll never be back for lunch)
  • *breathes sigh of happiness as walks through door*
  • My home… it’s calling me 😍
  • *wanders aimlessly for 10 mins just breathing in the books*
  • Right brain, let’s focus. I am on a mission.
  • A mission to stare at as many books as possible until I have to leave, or the store closes.
  • *fantasises about being locked in a bookstore overnight…*
  • *fantasises about living in a bookstore forever…*
  • *most likely walks into a shelf or person or stand*
  • *remembers am on mission and heads to YA section*
  • Oooh! I’ve got that one. And that one. And that one.
  • Ooooh! New cover!!
  • *huffs that The Queen of Nothing isn’t available yet*
  • Oooooh! New book by <insert author here>!
  • Ooooooh! That’s new and pretty. I haven’t heard about it before!
  • *picks up book to read blurb*
  • Oooooooh! <Insert blogger name here> reviewed this and it looked good!
  • Ooooooooh! <Insert bookstagrammer name here> had a photo of this one!
  • *suddenly is holding 12 books and can’t carry any more*
  • *squints at titles*
  • Huh… I don’t even remember picking these up…
  • *puts 4 books down*
  • *looks sadly at books*
  • *picks them up again*
  • *wanders over to adult fantasy section*
  • *breathes heavily while looking at titles*
  • Gosh… I could spend so much money here!
  • *discovers has another 5 books tucked into arms and chest*
  • *shrugs and tries not to drop books*
  • *wanders to middle grade / crime / general fiction*
  • Where is the new Jessica Townsend / Janet Evanovich / Maggie Alderson?
  • *stomps foot because it’s not out yet*
  • *discovers have magically teleported back to YA*
  • Huh…
  • *drags self to counter only to discover now holding 16 books*
  • Ummm… do you have a bag… or a sale on?
  • *ducks down in front of counter to hide*
Clip of a man taking 15 books off a shelf at a bookstore.
Me at a bookstore…

12 thoughts on “Off Tangent Thoughts… while at a bookstore

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  1. Barnes & Noble has never been the same since I discovered the Goodreads app could scan covers and bulk add them to my shelves πŸ˜… but seriously, cover artists and synopsis writers are so good at their jobs, everything always looks so good on the display tables and bookshelves and I WANT TO BUY THE WHOLE STORE.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES IZZY!! BUY THE WHOLE STORE!! (Maybe not the whole store… I mean, do you really need books on sport and gardening and biographies of people who don’t interest you? But definitely buy all the books you want!! I’ll help you carry them to the counter!!)

      Liked by 1 person

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