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Good morning bookworms!

A couple of weeks (or like a month) ago I was tagged by the amazing Isabelle @ Bookwyrm Bites to do the My Good Habits Reading tag. Isabelle is my Beat the Backlist reading buddy / cheerleader / epic bingo supporter, and so you should DEFINITELY go show her some love (because she’s totally worth it). The tag was originally created by Ally Writes Things.

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  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well.
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I always carry a book with me

So, you know how most gals use pretty handbags and purses and clutches and stuff? I use a nice laptop bag as my main handbag, and a backpack the rest of the time. My handbag is so big, I can comfortably fit two paperbacks standing up, side by side in the back compartment. And I usually do have two paperbacks. Or a hardcover. Or one of each. Sometimes my iPad mini. My handbag weighs a tonne at all times.

I rarely DNF books

I mean, I’m not entirely sure if this is good or not, but I always try and see a book through to the finish, or if I put it down, I usually come back to it later. (Except recently because I have a million books on my TBR…) But, what I’m trying to get at is, I believe in second chances (and third and fourth and I’m basically the Coach Wymack of books), and if I didn’t, then I would never have finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor because I started that book like three times before I managed to get past the 50 page mark.

I’ve never missed my Goodreads goal (and always try and challenge myself with it)

Every year since 2015 I have hit my Goodreads goal. Why not before then? I wasn’t on Goodreads. I started with 30 books in 2015, and moved to 40 in 2016. 50 for 2017, and then because I had read more than 10 over my goal that year, I aimed for 70 in 2018. Last year I read 87 books according to GR, but I also read some betas so my actual count was 91. This year I’ve set my goal for 90, but as I’m already 14 books ahead of schedule I’m hoping to hit triple digits. Yep, my real aim for this year is 100 books. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I try VERY hard (these days) not to crack the spines of my books

Obviously I didn’t care about this so much as a kid because you can tell by looking at my bookshelf which books I’ve had the longest, and reread the most as well. However, these days my books are looking pristine! That’s right, I’ve finally learnt to treat my books with respect. (I do know that some people don’t care about this, but I think they look prettier on my bookshelf this way.)

I don’t overcommit to ARCs

Despite signing up for Netgalley and Edelweiss+, I’ve not overcommitted to reading ARCs that I can’t fit into my schedule. I mean, most of my ARCs I’ve gotten from *stalking* Jay Kristoff across Melbourne and winning giveaways, but some I’ve been sent unsolicited from publishers. The ones I genuinely request are books that I know that I desperately want to read and know that I will devour as soon as I get a hold of. That way I can be sure that I will review them (on time). Also, if I love an ARC, I will buy a finished copy to support the author.

I try and read books from independent, small press and self-published authors

I don’t always love these books, but I do try and read a percentage each year in these categories. I also beta read books for friends/authors that contact me when I can. This doesn’t happen often (I read 4 betas last year), but I like to support the book community in little ways, and providing feedback is one of them.


OK, tagging these lovely peeps. As usual, please don’t feel pressured to do this, or if you’ve already done it just add a link below to your post! Or, if I haven’t tagged you and you’d like to do it, feel free!!

Christopher @ Plucked from the Stacks | Kristina @ Books and Dachshunds
Kay @ Hammock of Books | Rain @ Book Dragonism | Sofii @ A Book. A Thought.
Luna @ Bookish Luna | Tracy @ Truffle’s Literary Wonders

Until next time, happy reading 😊📚

30 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits Tag

Add yours

  1. Oh thoses are good ones; specially reading from small press/indie and not overflowing in arcs (because HOLY it is hard to overcome a huge arc pile … i’ve done it – I had like 8 at some point.. 🤦🏽‍♀️)

    Thank you for the tagging, love ! I however have done this one already :3

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It makes me so happy that you tagged me, thank you!, I think it’s a great idea! 😍 . And I also try to give a chance to books by self-published authors, I feel that if we have the opportunity to support them, it’s something we should do at least when we can 😊

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  3. awwww, thanks for your super sweet shout-out 💕

    I’ve actually been meaning to clean out my backpack and downgrade to a messenger/laptop bag because I carry around too much stuff on a daily basis, but my Kindle (or whatever print book I’m currently reading) is definitely a must-have! recently I’ve been working on requesting fewer ARCs and reading more indie/self-pub books, so major props to you for already having established the habit. (and if you have any indie/self-pub recs, I’d love to add them to my list!)

    here’s hoping you’ll be able to hit 100+ books this year, in addition to completing your many reading challenges! 💪 you got this, I believe in you.

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  4. You have some seriously good reading habits! I am jealous of a few of them, most notable is always carrying around a book. As of late I keep forgetting to bring a book out with me on the go.

    Thanks for the tag!

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  5. Thank you so much for doing this tag! ❤

    These are such great habits! Bringing a book everywhere you go is a great one for sure. It's something that I definitely need to work on. Also not over-committing to ARCs is good too! Honestly, all of these habits are amazing and something I feel like we should all strive towards

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  6. This was so much fun to read. 😀
    Looks like you have a healthy way to view ARCs, I know some people that are exactly the opposite and instead stress them out to get through all the books on time. Reading can´t be fun that way. But I guess everyone is different haha 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be stressed about my fave thing would be awful. I’m a huge mood reader, so I get a little sad when I don’t stick to my TBR (although I am quite lax about it). I couldn’t imagine having a huge ARC list hanging over my head. I’d be in a perpetual slump!!

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