Top 5… books I need to be a movie

Good morning bookworms!

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is ‘books I need to be a movie’. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the super lovely Shanah over at the Bionic Bookworm. You can visit her here, and join in for Top 5 Tuesday by checking out all the amazing topics we have coming up!


To be perfectly honest, I kind of hate book to movie adaptations (I also generally hate book to TV adaptations, so there’s no favouritism going on). The only ones that I have genuinely enjoyed and am happy to watch over and over again are either books I haven’t read yet (and therefore can’t critique against the original) and the BBC productions of classics. I mean, have you SEEN their Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy?! Admittedly, it goes for about 6.5 hours, but it is PERFECT. You have no idea how many times I have watch that movie (mini-series?). But, it is so true to the original book that it’s just literal perfection.

Pride and Prejudice lake scene

THAT IS HOW ALL MOVIE ADAPTATIONS SHOULD BE FILMED. I will fight you on this! I don’t care how long the movie goes for, I want it to be accurate. I just don’t get why producers/script writers/whoever would change the plot. I mean, I get it… the common response is “to make it interesting and keep people guessing”… but like, NO ONE CHANGES THE ENDING TO ROMEO AND JULIET. Whyyyyyyy would they change the end to other things?? (I’m looking at YOU Shadowhunter. Also, likely why you got cancelled.)

So, now that we have all agreed that BBC should do every movie adaptation ever, let’s move onto my list. Which, incidentally, is going to only be contemporary books as I’ve yet to see a truly great live-action fantasy movie that is true to the book. (Don’t HP at me unless you can point out where PEEVES is during that entire series.)

Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Well, basically EVERYTHING by Rainbow Rowell. Including Carry On (yes, I know I just said that I wouldn’t mention fantasy – I am a truly paradoxical being) (I am also feeling quite vexatious today). I want all of Eleanor’s crazy hair and Park’s sullen slouching on the bus and them sharing headphones and comic books. SO THAT MY HEART CAN BREAK. Because why would I want to be happy, when I could cry all the time?

What If

What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. I am MUSH for these two and I am not afraid to admit it. Also, I feel like we need more m/m movies because. (No reason, just because.) And they’re both sweet little cinnamon-bun marshmallows even when they’re pretending that they aren’t. (Also, I think I’m the last person in the world not to have seen or listened to Hamilton, so this might get me on a bandwagon?)

Looking for Alibrandi

Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. If you’re Aussie or have a huge thing for Anthony LaPaglia (and I mean, why wouldn’t you? Can everyone say Empire Records!) then you probably know that this is already a movie. Except, that it’s possibly one of the WORST adaptations I have ever seen in my life. And I would know, because I have read the book about 20 times (no exaggeration, scarily), and then I had to watch the film for school. So, let’s all pretend that it doesn’t exist, and kindly ask BBC to make it. Properly. (Also, maybe without a guy who perpetrates violence against women playing a gorgeous soft marshmallow.)

3 choices.indd

Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. I want more movies that show anxiety and depression for what they truly are, but not in a ‘and-this-person-is-now-broken’ way. Real life struggles in a real life situation. Also, growing up and learning who you are; having parents that care, but also don’t entirely understand your generation or what you love. Basically I need more movies where the protagonist is lying on their bed/in their blanket-fort, hiding under the covers/mountains of pillows, AND THAT’S AN OK RESPONSE TO LIFE.


Back After the Break by Anita Notaro. It’s been a couple of years since I have reread this one, but I remember that it gave me ALL OF THE FEELS. (FYI, this is not YA fiction.) You know those movies where you just CRY INCESSANTLY? Like, PS I Love You; The Blind Side; and How To Train Your Dragon (1, 2 and 3)? This would be one of those. And I could watch it on repeat and quote the movie, and the dialogue and story are so good, and also HEART-BREAKING. It would be nice if I liked happy things…

OK. I am leaving to go reread some contemporary that I will cry over. TBR? What TBR?

Until next time, happy (or sad if that’s your thing too) reading! 😊(😭)📚

27 thoughts on “Top 5… books I need to be a movie

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  1. I understand you! I usually hate book to movie adaptations of books that I’ve read as well, I guess it’s because my expectations are very high. I love many TV series that are based on books though, but as you say, I haven’t read those books yet and I think it would be better if it continue that way 😂

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  2. adaptation announcements always make me so nervous! shows seem to do somewhat better than movies as far as sticking to the books (I’m thinking of ASOUE in particular), though obviously that’s not a given either. (personally I think LOTR and Crazy Rich Asians were pretty great 💖) I’ve also noticed that I tend to feel more generous towards the movie/show version if I see it before I read the book – though I don’t think anything could’ve made me objectively appreciate the travesty that was the PJO movies 😒

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      1. yup, Percy Jackson. I’d definitely recommend the rest of the books (and Heroes of Olympus too, though I’m partial to the original series, myself 😜). would not recommend the movies at all, unless you’re in the mood to throw things at your screen.

        that’s much further than I got with Shadowhunters – after getting all worked up over all the promo material, my friends and I hate-watched the first episode together, then rage quit partway through 😅

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  3. I like to watch movies and THEN read the books because a) I can’t get angry about them not being faithful or doing justice to the source material and b) I get more depth and greater characterization that will add nuance to my experience! going the other way round is asking for disappointment :/

    I will be controversial and say I do like changes to the ending ONLY IF THERE ARE A TON OF EXISTING ADAPTATIONS ALREADY. like with Agatha Christie, her books have been adapted a whole bunch of times, so it’s fun for me when the new ones will change up the murderer so it’s fresh and I don’t know how it’s gonna end!

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  4. I so agree with you that that’s how a movie should be made! They have to be true! That’s why some of my favorite book to movie adaptations are the Harry Potter Series. And I loved Pride and Prejudice (with Kiera Knightley). Oh and I agree with all your choices!

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